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Chemistry Lab

The spacious lab is well furnished, tiled, and well-ventilated. It can now accommodate up-to 30 students at a time. Individual work space is provided to all students. The lab is equipped with all the necessary equipment to carry out practical.
These new facilities will surely boost a scientific temperament and innovative mindset in the students.

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The library has a collection of  genres like Fiction to Quizzing and Yoga . Some subjects we cover with reference books are Social Science, Geography, Economics, Astronomy, Commerce, Business Studies, Electronics, Botany, Biology, Zoology History, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. We also stock books in languages like Urdu, Sanskrit, Telugu and Hindi.

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The school believes that the learning environment has a profound impact on the development of the teaching as well as learning community. The school provides high quality infrastructure and spaces as learning material for impactful learning. The seating capacity is about 50-60 students at a time. The individual work space, storage for students, plug points for every table provides hands on experience to individual student. The labs which are a harmonious blend of the school’s rich heritage and modernity are bound to inspire and motivate students to develop a scientific temperament and innovation mindset.

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